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Cerved Property Services provides specialized services to interested buyers - individuals, companies and institutional investors - on the e-auction process.

The company specifically provides all needed information about the properties that are published on the website  with clear instructions on how to participate in the electronic auction process, which now offers transparency and security to participants.

Our staff, consisting of professionals with a high level of training and many years of experience in this field, will assist you in every step to complete the necessary procedures required such as:

1) Registration and Log in to the e-auctions platform

2) Application for participation and collection of necessary documents

3) Submission of bids during the electronic auction

4) Actions after the end of the auction,

a) in cooperation with the notary, either on the return of the guarantee or on the procedure for the award of the property to the bidder and the preparation of the tender report which is the title deed of the property

b) in cooperation with the bailiff, on the required service of documents and the completion of the removal and installation process

c) technical inspection of the property and the settlement of possible arbitrariness in order for the property to become transferable

d) collection of the necessary documents and the resolution of possible issues from the legal service with  final purpose the use, utilization and / or exploitation of the property.

CPS website presents real estate auctions, which are promoted by our company exclusively.

Customers can be easily informed through the corresponding search for the type of the property, location, auction’s price, etc. At the same time, customers can show interest for a particular auction, through telephone communication or by filling in the relevant form, so as they can be further informed and guided for the process of participating in the electronic auctions or in general to express interest in buying a property.

For more information regarding the participation process, click here.

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