Corporate Responsibility

Quality & Environmental Policy 

The core principle and commitment of Cerved Property Services’ Management is to provide its clients with reliable products and services that fully meet their requirements and expectations, in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations and always with the minimum environmental impact.

In order to best achieve the quality and environmental objectives set, the Company has developed and implemented a Certified Quality & Environmental Management System that fully meets the requirements of international standards ISO 9001: 2015 & ISO 14001: 2015, and provides all the necessary resources for its operation. The key commitment of the Company is to continuously improve the efficiency of this Certified System.

Company’s Management, through its regular and extraordinary meetings for evaluating the Certified System, sets measurable objectives to improve quality and environmental goals, which are consistent with this Policy. To ensure the adequacy and effectiveness of these objective appropriate indicators are used which are constantly monitored and adjusted. At the same time, Company’s Management reviews the suitability and, if necessary, revises this Policy to stay up-to-date and keep up with current functional, technological and legislative / regulatory developments. The general objectives for the implementation of the Certified System are:

• the establishment of long-lasting, long-term relationships with the Company's clients, suppliers and collaborators, taking into account mutual benefit;

• the selection of the appropriate human and technical resources, procedures and methodologies to increase the quality of the products/services provided and clients’ satisfaction;

• the continuous investment in the development of high value-added solutions that meet the requirements and expectations of its clients and create the conditions for expanding the Company's clientele;

• the reliable and timely delivery of the Company's services, within the specified requirements;

• the establishment of an operational System for recognition and monitoring Company’s opportunities and threats related to all the stakeholders concerned with the quality and environmental aspects resulting from its activity;

• the design and maintenance of a documented environmental protection plan that covers all areas of the Company’s business activities.

In order the Company to achieve its goals, it is necessary the involvement of all its stakeholders as well as the development of initiatives. For the company’s improvement related to its operational activities as well as to strengthen the spirit of participation and cooperation, it is important its collaborators to submit improvement proposals. In this framework, Cerved Property Services continuously trains its collaborators so that they can respond to its clients' demands and expectations.