Our Agency team, with an extensive knowledge of the market, has created a brand of high recognition, acknowledged as the leader in corporate real estate in Greece because of  its large portfolio and high turnover. It:

  • provides you with integrated services covering the entire real estate market 
    • residential properties (city homes, second / holiday homes and land plots)
    • commercial properties (offices, retail estates, warehouses, industrial buildings and land plots) 
    • investment properties both in Athens, Thessaloniki and resorts
  • focuses on the quality of services provided by highly experienced and efficient professionals
  • provides you with services that include
    • transaction
    • co - ordination
    • collaboration with all essential parties (lawyers, technical experts etc) for the successful completion of negotiations between the interested parties
  • acts in the following markets, focusing on collaborations with institutional clients and large portfolio investors:
    • Greece
    • Countries of SE Europe (in collaboration with our subsidiary in Romania) 
    • selective real estate in the UK (London)
    • selective real estate in the US (New York)
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